About Us

Funny Pets NYC Since 2014

We started Funny Pets in 2014 to provide high quality care to Pets on the East side. To us, a pet is a member of the family. Our philosophy is to treat your pet with the love and care that we show our own.

Since our start we have expanded and now offer high quality grooming services at our store on 512 East 80th street in addition to our walking services.

We know how important your pets are to you and rightfully so. We are here to help you provide them a better quality of life by offering all our attention and love when they are in our care.

Why Funny Pets NYC?

Life gets busy all the time, between work, school, kids and so much more. However, that’s where we can give you a helping hand! We work hard to to make sure our service is convenient for owners, safe for pets, and fun for everyone, whether 2-legged or 4-legged. These are some of the ways we do so.


What our clients say